Nor do we have an affirmative whistleblower defense

Our head of stores has been trying to reach Ms. Jones Cage to personally apologize for her experience. Victoria’s Secret is adamant that all customers be treated with dignity and respect. While Arkansas has recently enacted some laws directed toward enhanced cybersecurity, including Act 599 of 2019 (providing for the security of emergency service agencies) and Act 1085 of 2019 (enacting the Cyber Initiative Act, to reduce cyber risks and encourage economic development), we do not have a procedure by which a whistleblower can safely report cybersecurity vulnerabilities without fear of reprisal. Interestingly, while each of the 2019 acts acknowledges the vital importance of mitigating cyber risks to the state, neither provides any sort of protected reporting procedure. Nor do we have an affirmative whistleblower defense to criminal prosecution for crimes such as “computer trespass” and “unlawful access of computers,” both of which can be felonies in Arkansas.

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